about us

why was cb was created

i am the founder and owner, colin boscher, and have been riding park for 3 years. just after i had got into park skiing, i realized the style that went into the tricks and steeze top skiers gave off. some of my favorite skiers like harlaut or ahall had some great style that really inspired me to get into building some fits on my own. i realized the tricks were cool but the style homies gave off when stomping tricks was what made park skiing what it is for me. what i realized was that having good style was a combination of two things: mastery of tricks and dope looking gear.


cb was created to be a creative output and make my vision real. cb plays into some of my own personal interests like cars and sneakers as you might see in my projects. i'm inspired by many but am ready to inspire others with my work.


the goal of cb is to push a positive message. be different. many have dealt with the judgement from others and its tough to stay true to your values when you are trying to fit in. cb embodies the concept of being different. be you. don't let others drag you down.


we are starting with pants but the sky is the limit. ideas are constantly brewing and we plan big. thanks for the support it truly means the world. 

- colin